Today I’m going to be there for someone!

Good morning,
Today is another gloomy day in Chicago.  It seems that it doesn’t really phase me like it used to, which is an awesome feeling!  After I made my decision to start a new challenge I started to think about how it will feel to accomplish it.  I visualized how every day will give me the empowerment to get through anything.   By sharing my journey I’m holding myself accountable for it.   Share with people and you will feel more inspired to accomplish something you are working on.


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By sharing you start believing it and you start thinking differently.   It’s really powerful.  You put things out in the universe and they really come back to you, all you have to do is be positive and not give up.



Today I’m making a choice to be there for someone in need.  I’m making them a priority because they have always been there for me.   This past week I found out I got awarded another large piece of business, this business is going to make a great impact for my company.    Which is amazing because last week I found out I didn’t get another project I was working.   I started really believing in my own thoughts.   I really believed things happen for a reason.  I put it out there that if one door closes another one opens.  WOW!, it really happens.   I’m really inspired.


The main decision maker for the project wanted to meet with me today, but instead, I decided work can wait and I need to be there for someone today.   The old me 30 days ago would have struggled with that decision.   Yesterday the decision really came easily to me.   From now on I’m going to be there for people and that’s it.  Living life and being present in real relationships are the most important things.  No business deal or no new project is more important than me being there for someone.    If people I do business with don’t agree with me, I don’t care to work with them.   I’m also not going to let my decision bother me or affect me.   I’m going to be okay with what my decision is.



Next time someone needs you be there for them, don‘t make excuses, just say yes! 


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