A new challenge!

Good morning,

I’ve decided I’m going to continue my journey of self improvement and becoming more present in my life. For the month of November I’m going to give up alcohol. Recently I’ve noticed that the effects of alcohol don’t have a positive impact on my being. I think I do really well during the week but on the weekends I indulge more than I should. I started to think about this when I recently had my annual psychical with my new doctor. He asked me how much alcohol do you consume? I told him I don’t usually drink during the week. On the weekends Friday and Saturday we have a lot of social events, dinners and opportunities to consume alcohol.

When I thought more about the question. It made me think that maybe I drink too much. Maybe it’s something I really need to investigate further. I started thinking about how I might drink anywhere from 5-6 drink per night on Friday and Saturday. This is not an every week occurrence, but it happens more than I like. I didn’t realize the effects it has on my being and it has become more and more difficult to become balanced during the beginning of week.

Through my disconnect I have started to evaluate my self more. I’m giving myself more space to do so. I realized I’m happier and more balanced when I don’t have alcohol in my body. I able to be more calm and more collective. I don’t need alcohol to be social. I don’t need alcohol to fit in, but I need myself to be more aware of the negative impact it has on my being.

What changes can you make to your

lifestyle to be better with yourself?

I don’t know where the next 30 days will take me. I know I will be more healthy in my journey. I share my journey with you to hold myself accountable to make the powerful steps to improve.

How do you hold yourself accountable?

Take one small step one day at time!

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