I’m holding my head up high!!!

Good morning,

Yesterday was a challenge of a day as I struggled to find positivity.  I vowed to myself and everybody that I was going to hydrate, I was going to meditate, I was going to exercise and be selfless.  Today I can say I’m holding my head up high.  I ‘m proud of what I’ve accomplished to get back on track.    During the day yesterday, I drank about 100 oz of water.  Every time I drank a cup of water I could feel myself feeling better.

Are you drinking enough water to stay hydrated?   Today drink eight glass of water and see how you feel.   


After work, I went straight to the gym.   I decided I was going to go for an hour walk on the treadmill at a pretty vigorous pace.   I walked for 60 minutes at 4.4 mph.   While doing this I listened to classical music and read a book.   Now I was hydrated and I was working on mind and body.   It was all positive.   I knew I had to work extra hard today to get back to where I need to be, but yesterday didn’t seem like work.  It seemed like pleasure.  Doing these things made me feel better because it was making me happy.   I was changing myself in front of my eyes.  I was experiencing the tools that help me be better in action.   I was regaining my presence of being.

What tools can you use today that can make you feel like a better version of you?

Earlier in the day, I decided that my wife should take the kids trick or treating so I can have her enjoy the moment with the kids.   She works really hard and doesn’t have many opportunities to do things on her own with them.  Additionally, I was worried my negative energy was going to affect them.    When they were ready to go trick or treating I believe I transformed my energy.  I decided I was going to be selfless and just do as I planned.   I dropped them off at the event and I went on my way.  I headed to the grocery store and then came home to start dinner. Before bedtime, I attempted to apologize to my kids and wife about not being my best version of myself the day before.   My daughter was confused,  She said: “daddy you weren’t grumpy.”  The kid’s bedtime routine is a stressful time especially after eating tons of candy.  I almost didn’t get through the evening.  I was on the brink of losing my patients.  I knew after the fact I would have some time to reconnect with my breath.  I was able to visualize the feeling of letting go and it worked for me.   After tocking in my kids with my wife I proceeded to go a meditate.  I took 20 mins to be with myself and my breath.  When I was done I regained my energy.  Today I woke up rested.  I worked hard on myself and enjoyed it.

Image result for selfless

Today work hard on yourself and enjoy it. 


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