Today I’m going to regroup.  I’m going to use this Monday to turn a new leaf.   As the season are changing,  I’m  also going to continue to change.   Yesterday as I wrote about moderation and I wasn’t really honest.

I think what I was writing was what I wanted it to look like, not what it really was.  As my day continued I felt disconnected and not present.   I feel that my decision to have more alcohol then usual was a bad one.   Throughout the day I felt on edge and not there.   I don’t want to waste my days.  Yesterday I wasted my day. Life is way too short to not let everyday count.   The new me wants to be present with my kids, wife, and life.

Don’t waste your day by making bad decisions!

Yesterday we spent five and half hours in the car driving home.   Instead of me being able to see the happiness of being together.  I was somewhere else, so today after realizing what I have done.  I’m going to regroup.  I’m going to get hydrated, I’m going to meditate, I’m going to exercise and I’m going to be selfless.

I will finish my day today by apologizing to my wife and kids for not being the best version of myself. 

Be the best version of yourself, failure helps you grow!!!


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