86% – Tourist

Today I’m going to have to work extra hard. Through out the day,yesterday I indulged in lots of great food and beer/wine. I think it’s okay to give yourself one day to not care what you eat our drink. I figure I’m able to eat healthy six out of seven days that’s pretty good. That 86% of the time. I think if your are always trying to be 100% your more likely to get stressed out and you are more likely to fail. Set goals that you are able to work with. Goals that let you enjoy experiences.

You can give yourself a day to indulge. Reward yourself for your efforts. Remember everything in moderation.

Yesterday was a great day in St. Louis, for the first time I actually felt like a tourist. It’s so weird because my wife is from STL. This time her family was in town from New York and they haven’t been to St. Louis before, I was the lucky one here. I got to see things I have never seen before. I’ve been together with my wife for over 12 years.

I got to see how immigrants came to the United States of America with a dream. Not only did they live out their American dream they created culture, brand and economic growth that has lived on for over a century. If you haven’t been to the Anheuser Busch brewery tour before I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful corporate campus and very educational. The campus is filled with landmark buildings from the 1800’s that are beautiful. The tour is filled with history of business, production and probation. I felt like I was taking a walk back in time.

The tour inspired me and gave me energy. It was also nice to get a free beer at the end. You were able to chose from 22 different ones. Being from Chicago, I chose the right one.

Do things during your weekend that will provide you an abundance of energy for your upcoming week.

I’m now ready for my week to start.

The good thing I still have a whole Sunday to explore, learn and be present.

Make your Sunday count!

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