Look around and say I’m sorry!

Good morning,

The weekend is upon us. The weekdays are filled with so much time spent on planning. We live with hour by hour schedules that drive our days. We spend more time looking at our inbox than we do looking at the outside world. This weekend try not looking at your email, You won’t missing anything. I promise you It’s not life or death. Spend time being present with yourself and others. Enjoy the fall weather with the changing colors of the season. Try being spontaneous and do something that you have never done before.

What will you do and how will it feel?

Yesterday as I unplugged for day 24 it was a different setting. We just have taken a road trip to St. Louis. We spent 5 and a half hours in a car. The car ride started with us picking our kids up from school. We found out our son got into a little bit of a situation with a fellow student. A child in his class said something my son didn’t like about him,So our son hit the child. Yes I know I’m talking about 5 yr olds, but I want to raise children that can use their words instead of what my son did. When I was growing up I didn’t use words. I would fight, it was not the right way to resolve things. I was using my emotions instead of my brain. How often do we let our emotions control what we do? We just need to practice breathing and slowing it down. Next time you feel your emotions getting the best of you, take a deep breath and count to ten. It took our son two hours to realize what he did was wrong. He lost a lot of the special things that we had planned for him in the car. We wanted him to understand what he did. Wanted him to take responsibility for his actions. Finally he agreed to make an I’m sorry card for the child. We made some progress. Progress is all I was looking for in that moment.

Are you able to say I’m sorry when you do something that hurts someone else?

Today practice saying sorry, it’s okay to make mistakes. We are all human!

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