I’m into Business & my business is my life!



Good morning,

Today is a day where I’m very proud of the strides I’ve made.   Yesterday afternoon I was really feeling the power of my actions earlier in the day.   On my way home I stopped by the local CVS to pick up some vitamins for the kids.    I walked into the store and noticed the same gentleman outside selling Streetwise.   He is there every single time I go to the store.   This time I walked into the store and I was more aware of him.   I quickly made a decision that I’m going to buy his magazine.   I don’t know if my coffee shop experience with restaurant owner stuck in my mind or the fact that I wrote about it.  Something sparked me to contribute to him and the cause.  The 2.00 dollar magazine is a way to empower homeless people to work.  Out of the 2.00, $1.10 goes to the person and $.90 cents goes to the company.  I was inspired by this man dedication and drive to do something to better his life.  I don’t think I have ever supported this cause, but now I want too.

Giving-Back-featured-image (1)


Giving back is how we fulfill our lives and make the world a better place. 

Start off small and see what happens!

As 7pm rolled around, I received an email about how a piece of business I was working on did not go in our favor.   I quickly read this email and decided to put my phone away.  I thought to myself you know what, I’m not going to let this affect me the way it’s used. I’m going to enjoy my time to reflect and take care of myself.   There is so much business in this world.  One door close and a better one opens.  These little sayings to help us stay focused on positivity.   That is so true.  I’ve now learned from the experience of life. Being in the business world you learn so much from both failure and success.   You learn what integrity is.  You learn that doing business with people that care about people and life is the only way to do business.   I’m not going to chase business that is not good business.   There are 7.6 billion people in this world.  I’m sure I can find a lot that have the same business formula as me.    I want customers that are out of the box thinkers that value the business of life.  People that do business while giving back and sustaining the power of helping others achieve success and learning how to make life better. Those are the type of people I will continue to align myself with.

Who are you aligning yourself with?   Think about it. 


1.The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

“he is known to be a man/woman of integrity”

2.The state of being whole and undivided.



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