I helped someone today! I hope I made a difference in their day.

Good morning,

Yesterday the kids were extra needy and tried.  They were in bed by 6:45.   I could feel the energy gone from my being.   I knew I was going to have to work extra hard last night to balance myself.  I proceeded to meditation and it quickly helped me get my energy back, but it was quickly drained again.  I was not my usual positive self and I could feel the negativity.  I wasn’t able to have clarity when listening to my wife.  I was not in a good place.  I decided I was in need of some more time with myself through meditation.  Prior to going to bed, I proceeded to do another session.   This time I prepared myself to sleep and connected with my breath.  Wow, it really worked.   I felt the ease of my body and mind.  Why has it taken me so long to figure out what this tool can really bring to my life? 


At 3:30 I woke up to an unexpected visitor, my daughter was standing and looking right in my face.   She said her bedroom was so hot, so I quickly pulled her into our bed.  Instead of being frustrated I seized the moment and made the best of it.  I thought to myself she is going to be little for a short period of time.  These moments won’t always be there and she won’t be willing to cuddle with her mom and dad.   I helped her by being calm and understanding of her needs.  I was selfless!

Life is short, enjoy the little moments before it’s too late. 

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This morning I’m celebrating because I’ve made leaps in bonds with myself.  I’m not ignoring other peoples needs.  Awareness is the biggest gift I have uncovered from my recent journey of being unplugged.  I’ve always liked the idea of helping others.   Today I woke and I decided I was not going to allow last night to effect my today.  I know my wife could use some positivity from me.  She has been working so hard at work, on herself and being a great mom.  I’m truly lucky to have her as a partner in our Katz CO.   Today I made sure she knows how much I appreciate her.  I gave her extra positivity.   Even though she doesn’t really need it from me.

Appreciate people that are always half glass full.   

We need more of them. 

Today as I pulled into my office parking lot.  I noticed one of my co-workers getting in her car.  I sensed she was really frustrated and angry.  I could feel it through my car.
I walked into my office and the first thing I wanted to do was call her.  I wanted to understand.  I wanted to see if I could help her.   I know I cared enough to call her and showed her that I didn’t want her to feel like she did.  I’ve been positive lately.  I thought to myself maybe I can listen to her and give her some perspective and help her change her day.   I did and she appreciated it.   This will give me the power I need to continue throughout my day.  This energy will help me be better today.

Help someone today. It will fill your tank up! 


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