I flipped the switch, turn it on.

sunshine 2

Good morning,
Today I woke up looking for inspiration and at first I didn’t find it.  Its hard to find inspiration when you have two kids that aren’t really cooperating.   Today I took a deep breath a couple times a moved past the chaos.

Dropping off the kids at school is a nice activity for me that I will never take for granted.  The hugs and the love that is expressed helps me get through my day and look forward to seeing them after school.  I’m really staying present to experience it.   After the morning routine was finished at school.   I ventured over to get a cup a coffee.   While walking into the coffee shop.  I noticed someone I knew, who was a local restaurant owner.  We met several months back at his restaurant at the time I was really not impressed with his friendliness.  After that, we ran into each other at our kid’s baseball practice.  That time it wasn’t better.   I don’t know if the first time I met him, I was probably being my old self and trying to pitch him on our business.   Today was different I didn’t talk to him about business.  He was a lot friendlier, we talked about life and the balance of work and parenthood.  We talked about baseball.  It was a deeper connection.   His order came up and I noticed he grabbed a cup of coffee that wasn’t his.  I was thinking that was weird.   I watched him walk out and hand the cup of coffee to a gentleman that was selling the Streetwise magazine.  StreetWise assists Chicago homeless men and women achieve personal stability and strength through social services and aiding with employment.    His act of kindness touched me and I immediately felt the inspiration that will help me be better today.

One act of kindness can change how you feel! 

Be selfless and do something nice for someone else.  

Driving to work today, I chose the long route through this beautiful city.   Today the sun was shining brightly.   After two days of rain, it was an amazing site.   Seeing the rays of sunshine touch the buildings and me.   Today the sunshine felt more powerful than before.  I believe it was because I experienced good in a person and noticed that I have judged others without really knowing them.    Today I flipped another switch.  I turned myself on to experience the feeling of kindness in others.


I will no longer judge people because their priorities don’t align with mine at the same moment.   We are all different and we should celebrate our differences.  

 Be helpful, kind and thoughtful today.  The return on investment will be amazing. 


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