We aren’t Invincible!


Good morning,
This morning as I drive myself to work I’ve noticed something different that I haven’t noticed before.   I’m not reaching for my phone while I’m driving.   I am being present with the outside world, with the music on the radio.  I’m present with myself and not worrying about what I am going to miss in my 20-minute commute.   I often look around to see others and they are driving with their phones in their hands.   They are not paying any attention to the outside world or others. They are putting all of us at risk. Are they not aware how dangerous this is and how one second is all it takes to change someone’s life?   

Today while you are either driving and walking put away your phone.  Be present with yourself and your surroundings.   Your life is important, others lives are also important.   BE AWARE!!! 

The things you are going to miss aren’t going to make or break you. 

I’ve been at fault for being like this also.   I’m making a commitment to never to do this again.  I’m doing this to prove I have the power to do so, but also to be a good role model for my children.    We have the ability to change how young kids become adults.  I’m doing it one step at a time.  I’m going to impact my children in a positive way by making changes.

Last night I completed my 30th straight day of meditation using the headspace application.   I’m forming positive habits and I can feel the impact it has on me.    I took 10-20 minutes for 30 days.   The time is nothing compared to the impact it has had on me.   Meditation might now be your thing, but find something you can do for yourself.  Something that can help you relieve your stress, slow down your mind and help you connect with yourself and others.  Its very powerful and can make your life more present.


Find something you can do for a couple minutes and commit to it.   

It will be worth it, because you are worth it. 

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