Gloomy day, but there is light!




Good morning,

Today is a day filled with gray skies and rain.   As my wife and I  drove our kids to school, I  noticed people are sluggish and down.  It’s like their energy is being washed away by the rain.   I can feel it also, but I’m going to be positive like I’ve been and quickly change my energy.  These past weeks I’m able to be more aware of how I feel.   If we can all connect with ourselves we change and make adjustments to our energy.  Sometimes it’s getting someone to notice it and tell you.  Sometimes you can just feel it yourself.   Today be aware and try making an adjustment to how you feel.  Slow your mind down and count your breath.    Don’t let the weather affect your being.  I know it’s easier said than done.   In the long run, if you can do these simple things you will notice changes in yourself.

Today I mentioned to my wife, I guess the rain is like being in a locker room during a celebration of a sports team winning a championship. Instead of other players spraying you with champagne, it’s like mother nature or a higher being spraying you with water.  That quickly made us think about how nice the weather has been.  It’s almost November and the weather has been amazing here in Chicago.  Today I noticed the gloom but it made me be grateful for what we have had.  This outlook makes me feel better about the rain and gray skies.  Take a moment and think about it. 

Yesterday as I disconnected with my mobile devices for day 21, I am really enjoying myself by being present.   Not only am I enjoying the ability for new thought but the opportunity for individual growth.   I’m reading a new book every couple days. I’m listening to people more and not talking about myself as much.   I’m also developing a new passion for something and I can really feel it when I speak with people.  I’m making deeper connections with others and myself.   I’m empowering myself and others.  Isn’t that what life is about.

Power is not about money, not about politics, it’s about the way you make yourself and others feel.  

Today make people feel powerful through light! 




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