Lyrics to relate too.

Good morning,

As I sit at Starbucks having my usual iced coffee. I’m listening to an album by Macklemore.

I’ve been listening to it for the past week. I got turned on to it by one of songs that I felt a strong inspiring connection to.

It’s called Glorious.

Glorious by Macklemore

This musician/ writer is true with his words. Talks about his struggles and journeys. It’s amazing how music connects to people and their beings. Lyrics in music should be like this. Words that become helpful to others. Create powerful moments of positivity. People need it.

What music makes you feel powerful?

What are the words that awake you?

Below is the link to the music video glorious.

Glorious by Macklemore

Yesterday my wife and I went to dinner with our friends in the suburbs. We had a 30 min drive out to the burbs. It was nice we listened to so much music. I’ve been sharing a lot of music and moments that inspire me to be more positive with her. She not on social media, which is a good thing. I applaud her for that! During our car ride I was touched. My wife said to me, it’s really nice to meet you!” Has the past three weeks really changed me. Has my disconnection and time for myself through thought made me someone else? I don’t know but I do feel like a better version. I feel lighter, I feel more honest. I feel like I don’t want to change the world but I want to change how people see the world.

I feel like I’m growing up all over again.

It’s never too late.

What are you going to do today with your time to be better?

Feel Glorious!!

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