Reflections in the mirror

Good morning,

Today I’m ready for more family time. It’s going to be a day packed with being together. My wife and I are splitting the kid activities today. I’m currently at Dance with my daughter and my wife is at baseball with my son. That’s what happens when you have twins. While driving my daughter to dance I saw her in the rear view mirror. She was calm and enjoying the moment of noticing the beauty of this wonderful city we live in.

Admiring all sides of it, the sunshine, the buildings, the trees and the changes in colors of leaves. The simple things we forget about.

I looked at her and remember this girl was born 29 week 5 days. She weighed less than two pounds. She spent 11 weeks at two different hospitals. Now she is a 5 year old in kindergarten, she loves to sing and dance. She is already an old soul. She is my light!! As I write this I’m filled with tears of joy. I’m grateful for the people that took care of her in the NICU at Prentice. I grateful for the doctors and the nurses that are selfless. I want to be more selfless. Today and tomorrow I’m going to be more selfless. It’s not about me, it’s about others. I don’t owe them anything but now I know I need to do more.

Are you willing to do more?? Are you willing to be selfless?

Now my daughter is getting ready to take her class. I notice her smile. It’s like an energy that fills my heart and soul. She is my early morning caffeine.

Find the people/things that fill your heart and soul. Get ride of the things/people that don’t do that! Life is to short not to be filled with light!

Remember that kids and people can be resilient. Be resilient be true to yourself.

There is beauty in it.

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