Postive Energy: the memory and reserve.


Good morning,
Today am I writing after a day filled with so many things/events/meetings already.   After our son Griffin decided to wake up at 3 am, I for sure thought my morning was going to be extra hard.  It wasn’t because yesterday was a day of so much positive energy nothing could break me this morning.    Yesterday my wife and I last minute got invited to the Cubs game.  We scrambled to get a baby sister.   It was in the cards because we found one.    When I picked up the tickets I was shocked to find out our seats were 22 rows from first base.  This was a big game, the Cubs were facing elimination.   We got our kids situated and started the short walk to Wrigley.   We were running a little late, I usually don’t like to be late to things.  This time I wasn’t feeling the panic of being late like I  usually am.  We were waiting for one of our friends at the Park at Wrigley, they had another ticket for us and they were meeting us there.   We watched the first inning on the jumbotron.   The energy of the area was electric.  I wish I could bottle that up and experience that every day.   I know what I can do, I can take that feeling and make into a memory.   I can use it when I need a boost.

Like solar power, I can use that electric energy reserve to feed my body and mind.  Today try to be a reserve of positive energy!!!  You will always need a backup.  Negativity is all around us! 

download (2)

We finally got to our seats.  It was a perfect night for Baseball.   I was excited because my wife and I had a spontaneous date night and it involved something we both enjoyed.  A Win, Win!  Yes, a Cubs win would be an additional treat.


The Cubs quickly fell behind 2-0.  I noticed there were a lot of Dodgers fans sitting all around us.  Then the Cubs fell apart.  They were now down 7-0. Was I now going to fall apart? The Dodgers fans became more obnoxious.

Why can’t people just enjoy the game/the moment?   Life needs to be enjoyed. 

Why do they have to ruin the experience for others?  

Yesterday was another challenge that I worked through.  My old self would have probably said something back to someone yelling in my ear.   Last night I was present with myself.  I was experiencing the beautiful night, the great company and the fact I’m celebrating the ability to breathe.   The Cubs lost the game 11-1, the impact on me was not significant.  Instead, I focused on the joy of baseball, how it brings people together and the energy it brings to my community and neighborhood.  Losses are equally important.   Cherish the losses as they bring strength to new opportunities. 

Today focus on the big things and don’t sweat the one bad moment. 

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