I just need a little help from my friends.





Good morning,

Today was a little bit of a rough morning. Today, I owe my positivity and change to my wife. She was my inspiration today.  She woke up at 5 am after watching the Cubs game by my side and went outside for a run.  I woke up shortly after her to attempt to do some yoga.  This was my first day of trying something new for mind and body.   The morning like always feels rushed when you are attempting to get enough sleep to function at a high level.    Throw in two five-year-olds that don’t want to wake up and go through the process of getting ready for the day.  I did a poor job of preparing myself for the madness.   I blame my mood on my own mistakes from the last night.   This morning my wife helped me through my heaviness of being tired and frustrated of not getting enough sleep.  Even though I made those choices myself.   We all can make better choices!!!  Make sure to be aware of your choices and how they make you feel!   Next time make a better one.

Lisa thanks for being my positive energy today.  

I didn’t wake up early enough. I stayed up too late to watch the Cubs pull off a dramatic win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.  If you watched the game it’s what October baseball is supposed to be like.  A game filled with people coming out of slumps like Javey Baez, hitting two back to back home runs.  A game filled with Umpires making calls that are so ridiculous that you can feel the fans anger through the TV.   Yesterday I was wrong, I let statistics of the previous three games walk me down the path of the fear that the Cubs might lose.   Sometimes we live life in the past and focus on what has happened before.  Yesterday I made that mistake.   Why do we let the past effect our today?  Why can’t we just start fresh on a new day mentality?  The simple thing like watching baseball made me realize I really need to work on this.  Yesterday’s game inspired me to look for perseverance, hard work, and desire for me to be better at a fresh start.   When we are in a place of things not working don’t give up but try harder.  It’s totally worth the effort.


It’s okay to fail, it’s okay to be wrong. 




These elements of life make us stronger, better and faster.  

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