I’m changing…..

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Good morning,
As I sit here in front of the same computer for the past 3 and a half years, I’ve recently noticed a change in me. I’ve noticed every time I sit down and share I feel excited. I’m excited to be truthful, helpful and selfless. Writing and sharing for me is a mind and body cleanse.
Do you have something you love to do in the morning that will help you start your day with positivity and energy for your mind and body?

Yesterday was a day where I was really aware of myself. I’m starting to notice changes in my self-every day. I’m able to listen to music and actually listen to the words. There is so much music out there that has such inspirational words of wisdom. Today really listen to the music. People share stories of their life through words. They show life is a struggle but with hard work it becomes better. Life is worth really living.
Last night my wife came back from her work trip. Trying to be a good and helpful husband, I went to go pick her up from the train. I know how stressful work travel can be. I picked her up at the blue line train station on Addison, three hours before the Cubs home game. If any of you know where I live. I live two blocks from Wrigley. Great neighborhood, but at times challenging for traffic.

We make choices and we have to live with them. The good outweighs the bad.

That’s how I like to make decisions.

I pull up to the train station I park and put my flashers on. I get out of the car and I proceed to walk to the sidewalk. I see my wife getting off the train. I stand there waiting for her. I start noticing people giving me dirty looks, they start showing me the middle finger, they start yelling at me. The old me would have already been in a place of anger and retaliation. The changed me laughed at it. I’m now aware of what that feels like. I now don’t let peoples’ energy effect me like it used too. I know people go through their days with a lot of stuff and they need to have a place or a person take it out on. I’m okay with people doing that to me. I was selfless yesterday. I had my positivity armor on. If you are aware you can make an adjustment to yourself.

After my wife and I picked up the kids from school. I dropped them off at home and was on my way to the next thing, which was a happy hour for the kindergarten parents of my kid’s school. I really didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to deal with Cubs traffic and going to a bar/restaurant during my family time. While driving to the place, I quickly regained the positive energy I’ve been working on. I thought to myself that I’m going to make the best of it, you never know who you can meet or what you can learn from someone. I was willing to take that risk. I walked in and noticed one of the room parents I met before. Immediately I felt comfortable and we started chatting about how I want to get involved with the school. I want to work on fundraising for the whole school and be part of the process. She later introduced me to the owner of the restaurant. I was intrigued in meeting him and his wife. Their child was in another class in the same school. I noticed something about myself, as soon as I learned the gentleman was in the restaurant business, I started to try to connect with him more. I spent more time with him than others. After about 30mins, I became aware of it. I quickly decided I need to go meet others. I need to stop focusing on networking for the opportunity for work gains but focus more on the opportunity of meeting good people.

Today, meet good people that help your growth of self!

Meet people who inspire you to better your life that is worth fully living.

Don’t make the same mistake that I’ve been making.

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