Stand with me like a human!


Good morning,
Today my mind is in a whirlwind of what’s going on in this world. Yesterday as I disconnected/unplugged I thought about what my time would look like to be more present with my kids and me. We started with dinner and then we spent some time watching their favorite shows. After a quick face time with their GG and Poppy, we ventured to start the process of getting ready for bed.

What do you do to get ready for bed to make it a great night?

I recently started thinking about the process for myself. I started reading before bed or listening to calming music. It makes my mind calm and relaxed. For my kids the process is a little harder, they never actually want to go to bed because they don’t want to miss anything. Finally, after some intense negotiations and getting the PJ’s on we ended reading a quick book. You can really learn a lot from your children and their bedtime process. They want a story, a tuck- in, a cuddle and a kiss good night. Tonight try it with your significant other. If you are alone try it with a friend over FaceTime. The positivity of this connection and feeling will help you sleep better.

When I was done tucking in my daughter, I proceeded to walk to my bedroom and took a seat to reflect. I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s been transpiring in regards to Harvey Weinstein. As a Jewish man with a young daughter and a wife that works in a predominately male industry, I cannot be silent about the disgust I feel. I’m disgusted that a man with such industry power and creative energy could have done such good, but instead struggled with so many demons. I struggle that people knew about this and let him continue to act and cause harm to people. I struggle that he preyed on people because of his power. We cannot let people of power take advantage of humanity. No matter if it’s gender, race or sexual preference.

I stand with humanity that is good. Please stand with me!!!!

Today as I continue to share my thoughts about me. With my changes to be more positive and calm, I vow to be a man to stand up against men like Harvey. I’m going to be a man who values equality in women and men. This shit needs to stop. We are people who struggle enough with the up and downs of life. We don’t need any more shit from animals like Harvey Weinstein. People who covered up for him are cowards. Be positive and don’t fear to be good. It helps humanity grow and creates hope for a better today!!!!

Help someone today that needs help.

We all need it.

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