I’m still standing, ready for today!!

Good morning,



Monday is here and I’m ready!    Yesterday I took a trip home with my two five-year-olds back to Chicago.   Oh what a trip, everything was going well.  It was exciting for everybody.   We made it to the gate with an hour to spare.  We all were having a good time like the three musketeers.   We boarded the plane and got my two little people situated.  Got their backpacks with their coloring books and markers, their snacks and water accessible.   My kids then wanted to watch a movie, they both decided on Sing.  I really enjoy this movie.  I had wanted to take this time to work on myself.  I decided I was going to continue reading my new book(Kitchen Table Wisdom).  I knew I had to keep calm and breath.  Reading helps me do that.  I was making myself aware that I needed to prepare myself for the possibility of two five years olds potentially losing their patients.   I was right, approximately an hour into a three-hour flight my daughter started to have a tantrum.  Her feelings must have been hurt by something her brother did or something I was not aware of.  As I tried to have her calm down she said to me you are the worst daddy and I hate you.   This stung a little, but I knew she was speaking from her emotions.  She didn’t mean it.  Even though my feelings were hurt I had to help her settle down.

Why do we as humans hurt the ones we love when we are hurting or feeling bad?  Instead of sharing our hurt or feelings we act out and are not nice to others.  Talk about what hurts you and get the comfort you need.  Just move on and feel better. 

I offered her water and told her to try breathing deeply.   My mediation is a tool I use to keep me calm.  I was trying to help my daughter use the same tool.  It really didn’t work.  I was feeling really stressed but I knew I needed to stay calm and collected.  It was really hard.    Then I asked her if she was hungry.  She said yes, was food going to be my savor and everyone else savor in the back of the plane?   Lucky it was.

Remeber balance is about feeding your mind and body. It works the same for kids and adults. 

We finally landed in Chicago at 3:52,  to my luck our gate had an airplane with a mechanical issue.  The captain say’s it will probably be another twenty minutes before we get to the gate.  At this point, we have been on the plain for four hours.   Before I would have already been boiling.  I was positive and it didn’t affect me.  Then twenty minutes later he gets on the PA system and says it’s going to be another twenty-five minutes.   I said to my self this is a challenge from a higher power.  I thought to myself I can do this.   People on the plane were getting anxious.  There was a lot of disappointment.    I just knew we were safe on the ground and together nothing else matters.  That made me get through the moment.   Finally, we got off the plane and ventured to baggage claim, then got our car and we were off to the city.   I had my eye on the prize pulling into our garage and seeing how calm home can be.  Even though I was trying to rush home to watch the Cubs game.  We got home at 6:38, the Cubs game started at 6:38.   Prior to going home stopped at Wholefoods to get dinner.  By 8:00pm the kids were fed, showered and in bed.   By 9:59 I was done.  The Cubs lost the game and I need to plug myself into my meditation app and then go to bed.

After a so-called day, find something that helps you regain your calm.  Whats that going to be for you? 


Yesterday was a long day.  I made it through it.  I’m still standing!!!! 


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