Sunday Funday!

Good morning,

As I prepare for my first journey today with my two kids alone I want to share how I prepared for this. Yesterday I ventured with a friend of mine to watch the Cubs game, while drinking beers and enjoying the moments of October baseball I was thoughtful. In the back of my mind I was more aware of what it might be like to travel from Arizona to Chicago with two five year olds. The old Peter wouldn’t be aware of the impact of having a good time and the ability to be present the next day. This time every time I had a drink I would have two glasses of water to follow. I don’t know if my current state of being connected with myself is making me want to make larger changes in me. I feel I have more power to do so.

Are you a ware of the impact alcohol has on you the next day?

I think I’ve always been aware I just wasn’t open to make the difference in my presence. Today we are about to go to the airport and instead of being stressed I’m excited to experience an adventure with my two 5 yr old loves.

If I can be more aware of things that make me stressed and anxious, I could probably enjoy all the moments with my family, large or small.

Are you aware of the moments of stress and the impact they have on you?

Yes at times it’s easier to just go with the flow, but awareness will make being spontaneous more joyful.

Know how you make yourself feel. If you can notice this and adjust, you can make a difference in your life and others around you!

Be aware of self!!

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