Friday the 13th can’t effect my me time!

Good morning,

Happy Saturday, I’m grateful I made it through Friday the 13th. When I found it was actually Friday the 13th I really had a thought that something bad was around the corner. Why do we let superstitions effect us and our days? I quickly planned how my day was going to involve wellness. Wellness for me means to work on my mind, body and spirt. Positive though helps the mind start the day off right. Being grateful makes you get up and go. After feeding my body with nutrients, I decided I was going to head to the gym. It’s a good thing that gyms have childcare these day. Yes at times I feel guilty by sticking my kids somewhere without us for an hour. Now I realize that the me time is important, very important.

The me time is a way for me to be a better father,husband and friend.

Are you taking time for yourself?

What’s your me time going to look like?

For me, my time is to workout. My work out consists of hard work. Recently through my mediation I’ve been able to connect more with my breath. In return my workouts are more mindful. Which in return makes it more impactful than just body.

Make your me time impact you in a positive way!! You will gain the biggest return for yourself and others around you!

Today I leave you with one thing: work on you(mind,body,spirit) make life better.

Make a difference in you!!!

It will make your love stronger, your mind open and want to hug harder .

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