TGIF-I’m making lemonade.

Good morning,

In Arizona I see lemon trees everywhere, I’m making lemonade with my life.

It’s been over a week since I started this new journey. It’s really cool to see how many people are actually reading what I’m staying. I’ve had over 250 people visit my blog. Which for me is empowering because my goal was just to put my own thoughts on the so called virtual paper. In return it seems like people are reading what I have to say. These thoughts/words have helped me be better as a husband,father and friend. Yes I’m far from perfect but I’m happy in the direction the change is taking me.

What if you decided to do something like me for a week and see what happens?

Habits form from repetition.

I’ve been doing this for eight days. It has made me want to learn, inspire and focus on self. I had no idea it would allow me to better with everything around me.

Wouldn’t life feel lighter if you could avoid the impact of negativity?

Friday’s are usually my favorite day. An end of a busy week and beginning of the weekend.

People say thank god it’s Friday, TGIF. I am done with this saying.

My new philosophy is Thank God It’s Everyday! TGIE

Let’s try to find the energy we have for Friday’s everyday.

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