I have a problem Day 6

Good morning,

Yesterday’s unplug/disconnect was a little bit more difficult than usual from the day before. I had several customers that kept on reaching out to me for information that they needed. It’s always a right now. I’m sure a lot of you can relate. One of my customers that I told I was on vacation didn’t it even care to respect that. Why can’t people show respect for others? Even thought I felt like my energy was taken from me, I quickly shifted it and regained control so it wouldn’t effect my time being present.

My family and I ventured out to the hotel that my wife was having her work conference at.

We enjoyed the day at the pool as a family for a brief couple hours. Then we went to watch the Cubs game. Have you ever tried to watch any thing with two kids that wasn’t a cartoon, almost impossible. After watching the game for 45 mins we had to leave because the kids were running out of patience. By this time I would be running out of patience with them. Instead I felt calm and collected. I was in control of the impact others had on me.

My kids and I left my wife behind at the hotel for her conference and started the journey back to our friends house. We pulled into our friends driveway listening to the Cubs game. At the moment it was 1-0, the Nationals in the lead. The Cubs pitchers were attempting to get out of the inning. Joe Maddon decided to make a a change. He brought in Wade Davis with bases loaded and a 1-0 count. I think it was the right choice. Baseball is all about probability and statistics. Wade Davis was 32/33 on saves for the year. I was thinking this is will be the solution. As I put the car into park,Taylor of the Nationals hits a grand slam.

All of sudden I felt the energy being sucked out of me.

Why do we let sports effect our mood and positivity?

How can we let entertainment/sports do that to us or me?Why did I let the Cubs loss bring me down? I thought about it this morning wins and losses are equally important. It brings us balance, it should provide us with hope for something better. If we know that good can from getting to a place of negativity. We just Need to be connected to our selves, so we know we have to work on being in a better place with your energy. The result are worth the work.

Yesterday was so busy I forgot to create my list of gratitude. Today I didn’t forget.

I’m grateful for the following:

1. The good and the bad

2. Living in the moment

3. Letting go

4. My breath

5. My clam today

6. Coffee

When I was waiting in line for my coffee I saw this book.

I leave you with one Thought, live for today and stop thinking about tomorrow.

I will take my own advice today!!! Will you?

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