I’m going to be Present!!!

Good morning,

Today as my family and I embark on a family trip. I feel like I’m traveling with my family for the first time. Usually going to the airport with two five year olds feels stressful and I become very anxious.

Today was different, I don’t know if I just was aware of the feeling before hand and just allowed my self to prepare for it last night.

My unplug/disconnect started right after the Cubs won game three of the National League Divisional series. The energy was electric. The positivity of that win continued through the rest of the evening.

As I/we prepared for the trip I felt like nothing can change the positive feeling.

How can we as humans have positive events stay longer with us? I think that we just have to be aware. Today I’m going be aware how good it felt.

After packing all our stuff, this trip I packed only the stuff I needed.It’s such an amazing feel to just bring what you need.

It’s a feeling of being light!!!

Have you every packed for a trip and you brought the clothes back that haven’t even been worn?

While sitting at the gate I realize that I’m tired of just taking trips. Are we in a age where vacations don’t really happen? Well I’m going to change that this time.

I’m going to enjoy my family time, my well being and the gratitude I will celebrate everyday of my time off.

Everyone deserves a vacation to unplug from work, negativity and all other stresses in their daily lives. How will your next vacation look like? Will you find your energy and interconnection?

I can tell you I will wake up everyday on my vacation grateful for the opportunity to be present!!


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