I have problem day 4

Good Morning, I hope you all had a nice Saturday.   I know the weekends at times can feel more busy than the regular days of the week.  That’s definitely a good thing because you are living.   I wanted to continue my sharing of some of the connections I’ve made with people this week.   People that I haven’t connected with in a while have been reaching out and expressing their own feelings on my 30 day unplug/disconnect.  It’s important for me to address one thing.   I’m doing this because I feel it will bring more balance to my life and maybe on the way I can help others.  People are always going to wonder why now?  We’ll it’s never to late for change.   Instead of worrying about someone else why don’t we look in the mirror and see how we can improve? By making us more positive it could help others who struggle.

Yesterday was a challenge because for the first time in my 30 day unplug from 7-10pm.  My wife and I had dinner plans with friends.  It was an early dinner at 5:30, I know but that’s what happens when you have young kids.  I decided as soon we got to the restaurant I wasn’t going to look at my phone.

My question for you is restaurants have coat checks, right?

Why can’t restaurants have phone checks?

I understand the in case of an emergency the  need of having your phone, but my experience last night really opened my eyes up to our society as a whole.  We all struggle with it.  We are not connecting with eachother.  We really are in jepordy of being a society of robots.  People that pass each other through day focusing on work and our mobile device.  This is not a way to live.

What examples are we setting for the next generations?   These are things I don’t want my kids to have as a characteristic.

Well yesterday at dinner I focused on speaking and listen to the people that I was with.  Unfortunately there was some distraction, the Chicago Cubs were on the TV in the restaurant bar where we were sitting.  Yes I was in favor of our seating location but this is another element that I question.  I did the best I could to connect with my friends during our time together.  It was wonderful and I did feel like I’ve made a change with out reaching for my phone.  I did take notice that almost every other table had people on their phones, checking Facebook and posting pictures on Instagram.  I was the same way and that won’t happen again. I want to be present.  I want to inspire others.

Next time you go to eat a restaurant try not looking at your phone for 1 hr?   Take tiny steps and see how you can make a diffence.

Sitting a the restaurant I also noticed how many people where there to eat before the big marathon.  We went to an Italian restaurant so that made perfect sense.    The Chicago Marathon is currently under way and the elite runners have already finnished.   As I sat at the restaurant I was thinkingwhat I wanted to say today.    Well lets look at the marathon, a 26.2 mile run that people train for a year sometime event years. It becomes a bucklist event, some people do mutilples.  Some people set it as a way of change for them as a life achievement.  The runners not only prepare for the race by physically running, they prepare mentally, they prepare by eating the right foods.  They are alway prerparing.  Are we as humans preparing everyday to be the best?  One step for preparation is have more positivity in your life, so negativity can’t change the real you.

Runners have formals that help them achieve success and finish the race.
Isn’t life a marathon?   A long run filled with training, filling your body with fuel to make it to the Finnish line and achieving the success you desire.

How do you want your journey/marathon to look like?

Think about it!

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