I have a problem day 2……..

Good morning,

As I begin to write my word of encouragement on what I experienced yesterday from my mobile disconnect, I wanted to thank everyone for their words of encouragement.  It truly means a lot to me.   I noticed a difference in my being.   In the morning I felt more energy that helped my day start off better and more positive.    I noticed I was looking at things differently.    I was even letting things that I felt had negativity not get in the way of me.   My new goals of living and being present was like an armor that protects me.   My question is, why does negativity do more harm and out way the positivity sometimes?

Is it that we aren’t seeing the positive and just focusing on the negative.   Why do we sometimes want to analyze our day by highs and lows?   Why not just focus on the highs?   Well, I’m going to start focusing on the highs.

As I drove to pick up my kids from school I drove with the window open and actually listened to music and was in the moment of living.  I reached my hand out the window and felt the wind.  I thought to myself I can’t remember the last time I felt the wind on my hand, I never realized a small thing like that can make such an impact.

Getting the kids home today felt easier and less stressful.   I proceeded to make dinner and enjoyed the moment.  Today instead of focusing on my iPhone and the time I need to disconnect, I was thinking I need to maybe make my disconnect earlier.    I started planning what I would do with my time.    At 6:50 last night I disconnected myself from the iPhone, my Fitbit, and the television.   I focused on eating dinner as a family and how I’m going to be present with my kids and be a good role model for them.  We listened to music, played together and connected again as a family.     As I tucked in my kids last night I looked at each one of them with a different feeling from the night before. The feeling of love and hope for a better tomorrow for them.  I believe what I’m doing today will provide a better tomorrow for them through positivity and light.   I want to be their role model.  I want them to see the journey and transformation, I’m going through. That this journey will also help others.    After the bedtime routine concluded, I was still feeling a lot of positivity and energy.    My wife and I sat down and had a conversation, I can’t remember that last time we sat down and had a real conversation.  Usually, they are about logistics and kids, but it was about us and our relationship.  Is my disconnect making me focus on others and listen better?  Only time will tell, but it sure does feel that way.   From there I was really proud of us, so I decided to do some more reflecting.  I sat there for a minute and thought about some other things that I can incorporate into my day that can make me feel more connected to myself.    Going back to the positivity and protecting myself from negativity, every morning I’m going write down the things I am grateful for. As my day goes on I will review my list. I’ve heard a lot of people doing this but I’ve never tried it.

Today my list of things I am grateful for. 

  1. Love
  2. My wife
  3. My kids
  4. My health
  5. My relationships with people that are real and care about others
  6. My emotions
  7. My willingness to make this world a better place
  8. My new found positivity and light
  9. A new day and a new opportunity

In closing, I’m excited for tomorrow as my path continues of living in the present state of mind.

What would your list of Gratitude look like?   Will you focus on your list and leave the rest? 

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