I have a problem continued…..

Good morning,

So last night was my first night of my 30-day challenge of disconnecting from my iPhone from 7-10pm.    My first thought that came at 6:50pm, oh no I have ten minutes to use my phone.  Was I thinking I was going to run out of air or something?  How silly am I?

The clock struck 7pm and I put the phone away.   I turned on the music in the house and danced with my kids after having dinner as a family with my wife and father in law who was visiting for my wife’s birthday.

The first thing I noticed was that I can actually focus on being present and no thinking about the phone.   The evening was calm from there on.  After the dance party with the kids, we transitioned to our bedtime routine.  Showers for the kids, playing a quick game of indoor basketball, followed with a bed-time story.  I remember to myself in the past I would rush through these moments by not being present because I was worried I was going to miss something on my phone if it was an email, a post on facebook or some other social media source.   It all made me think everything that is important to me is right in front of me and not in my pocket.

The night had a certain calm to it.   In the past, after the kids would go to bed I would jump back on my iPhone and would just live through the screen.   Tonight I decided I was going to meditate and do some good for me, one dilemma was I’ve been using an app.  This app is called Headspace which is an amazing app to help with guided meditation.   I quickly made a decision to use my iPad instead of my phone just for my exercise of meditation.    I proceeded to do this for the next ten minutes to find clarity and positive energy.   If you haven’t tried some sort meditation I highly recommend it.  It helps you connect with yourself and your mind.   A quick ten-minute session daily can make great changes in your life.   Around 8:30, I received a text message from a customer regarding pricing of an item.  Which I only realized I received a text message through my watch.  My question is, Is my problem more than my iPhone or is it my need to always be connected to something or someone.   Is it that I just haven’t been connected to myself?

Are we all looking to be part of something, so we turn to social media to find that or are we just being lazy to see what we need is just in front of us?

I’m realizing some amazing things on day one.  I need to be more connected with myself and be present with what’s in front of me.


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