#Hastag this #Hastag that.   Is this really how we as a human race make a difference?  We all run to social media make a post to show our support and just leave it at that.  Well, I think it’s not enough.   Praying for a good outcome is part of the formula of change, it creates an opportunity for action.  My question is what are we doing to make a difference??

What actions are we taking.

We can’t just pray.

Please share ideas, so we can take some action.

Most of the time I post about social events and pictures of my kids. Today I’m posting to share how awful I feel about what has happened in Las Vegas. My Parents/family came to this country for the freedom and opportunity for my future and the future OF generations to come. WE NEED TO TAKE A STANCE to ensure our freedom and opportunity will be PROTECTED for the children of today and tomorrow. We need to help the people that struggle with mental health, we need to teach and empower people. We need to make a difference in each other’s lives. WE NEED TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM KILLING THE AMERICAN DREAM.

Please make your voices heard!!!! For the people that have lost their voice today!

contact your state officials, congressmen, senators, the house of represtantives.

Let’s make a difference, not just by #hastags.

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